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Birmingham, Alabama

I found my special someone on line. I am very happy with him and he's happy with me and my baby. I hope everyone finds their special someone like I did.


Reno, NV

Hello ladies! It's Saturday, 5pm. I'm leaving this message to wish you all luck. Personally, I won't be checking messages anymore. I've been talking to one special girl on this line and she knows who she is. Good luck, maybe you'll find what you're looking for. See ya.


Houston, TX

I am no longer available. I have met a sexy dark skin brother who has stollen my heart. So I will no longer need this service. I'm grateful for it though. So good luck to everybody and anyone who I gave my number, please respect me and don't call.


Albuquerque, NM

I am happy to say I am getting married next week to a beautiful woman I met here on MegaMates. I want to wish all the women the best of luck!


Atlanta, GA

I found something sweet and something nice. Something real honest and down to earth. Worth more then gold and definitely priceless as time goes by. So I have no need to look for anyone else. I definitely found what I need and want on this line. So I wish those that haven't the very best and hope that everything you look for, you find.


Houston, TX

Hello everyone, this is Bren. I've been on here for a while looking for that perfect match and Gosh dog it....I have finally found it!! I'm just on here to let you know that there is no need to message me anymore. I have found my true and one and only!! I hope that you all find what I have found! Don't give up. There is someone out there for everyone. Good luck!


Tulsa, OK

This is Tammy. I'm looking for a friend. I found someone off this line. We are engaged, been dating for almost 2 months, love him with all my heart. If you are looking for a friend & want to talk, box me & it will be up to me & my fiancee.


San Diego, CA

I met someone on your system.


San Diego, CA

I met someone on your system.


Cleveland, OH

I have found a serious relationship on this online dating service. I'm no longer single.

865 of 925
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