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Toledo, OH

Thanks to MegaMates I have found the lady I was looking for. She is pretty happy she found me also. Thanks for getting us together.


Houston, TX

I found someone here on Megaphone. If I sound like I'm sizzling it's because I am. I found the person that is making me very happy. I have met a lot of people on here. You can find what you are looking for on this chat line just like I found mine. Good luck and stay with it until you are successful.


New Orleans,LA

I have met somebody. It's been wonderful. There are good people out there, just keep searching. I'm gonna hold on to her. Thank you all for leaving me messages. I found someone special.



This is Stacey, I'm glad to let you know I have met the MegaMillion because I have found my new love. We both would like to thank the women that left us messages. We're a couple now. Wish us luck & good luck to all of you out there too. Hope you find the love that I just found. Good luck


New York City,NY

Hey ladies, this is Wendy. How are you? I wanted to let everybody know I met someone on this chat site last year. We're taking things one day at a time. I'm not going to say things are perfect, because no one is perfect. If you're trying to find love, it can happen for you too. You just need to meet the righ person. It's possible. It could happen to you on MegaMates, like it happened for me. Just try to be happy. Thanks and I'm out.



I have found the one. I am so happy and the great thing is she is also. Good luck and find yours. We are on here for friends now.



Ladie's, what's up? This is Gwen. Ladie's I'm here to tell you I have found my special someone. My one and only true love. My girlfriend and I are looking for only friends now. Postive people only. Thanks bye.



Hey, ladies out there. I just want to let you ladies know, I did wind up meeting and finding a special friend. I want to thank you sweetie, for taking the time to know me if you are online, and listening you know who you are. Everyone out there responding, who responded I appreciate it. Everyone out there good look on finding whoever you want! Good luck. Ciao.



What's good ladies? This is Shantay. I'm not going to be on the chat line anymore. I've found someone that I like. Thanks to all of the ladies that left me messages. I hope that you all find what you are looking for.



I met someone on this chat line. Now we are having a great time getting to know each other. Thanks Megamates.

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